Shri Shri 1008 Shri Haidakhanwale Babaji

The Kumaon region, at the foot of the Himalayas, is the birthplace and abode of several of India’s great saints. Shri Babaji manifested as HAIDAKHAN WALE BABA (OLD HAIDAKHAN BABA) around 1800, and later, from 1970 to 1984, as BHOLE BABA of HAIDAKHAN. Shri Babaji is a Mahavatar (manifestation of the Divine in a human body, not born of woman), who has continually manifested in a divine body on earth, since the beginning of creation, to help mankind.

Haidakhan Wale Baba acknowledged that he was the SHIVA MAHAVATAR BABAJI, described by Paramahansa Yogananda in his AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI. Around 1800, Old Haidakhan Baba travelled extensively in the Kumaon region, gathering many devotees and disciples.

Several miracles, such as healing the sick, raising the dead, changing his form, and appearing simultaneously at different spots, have been recorded in a number of books and witnessed by many local people. There are tales of his appearance in Nepal, too. Tibetan lamas, who visited him, recognised him as Lama Baba who had lived in Tibet centuries ago. He dematerialised this form in 1922 by seating himself on the surface of the water at the confluence of the Rivers Kali and Gori and disappearing in a ball of light.


HIS LATEST MANIFESTATION IN 1970 was foretold by a great saint, Mahendra Maharaj. After having been healed by Babaji of an incurable illness at the age of 6, Mahendra Maharaj devoted his whole life to searching for his revered guruji, which culminated in another miraculous meeting with Babaji at Siddhashram (near Ranikhet). Mahendra Maharaj then begged Babaji to manifest again : ”Come and make the world happy!” When Babaji granted him this boon, Mahendra Maharaj was ecstatic.

All his life had been spent in devoted prayer, meditation and sadhana for the reappearance of Babaji. One of his beautiful prayers is the aarti, which is now sung by Babaji’s devotees all over the world.
Mahendra Maharaj blessed his close disciple Shri Vishnu Datt Shastriji, an extremely learned scholar and a famous poet. He composed many inspired books on Shri Babaji. The Shri Sadashiva Charitamrita and the Shri Haidakhandi Saptashati (verses in praise of The Divine Mother of Haidakhan) are two of his most renowned works. Mahendra Maharaj also revealed the secret mantra to Shastriji by which Mahavtar Babaji could be recognized – and Babaji repeated this very mantra to Shastriji, who became one of his most loving followers.
Nantin Baba, a revered saint of the Kumaon region, had also foretold the reappearance of Shri Babaji in human form. When Babaji did appear again, Nantin Baba acknowledged him as the great Haidakhan Wale Baba and as Shiva Avatar. Nantin Baba had also predicted that Babaji would stay for only 12 to 14 years – a prediction which was to prove entirely correct.


IN 1970 SHRI BABAJI APPEARED in the historic holy cave situated at the foot of Kumaon Mount Adi Kailash at Haidakhan. He materialised as a youth of 18 or 20 years. His divine power was experienced by several people who saw him simultaneously in different guises at different places. In the September of that year, he ascended Mount Kailash and sat on the summit for 45 days without food or sleep, exhibiting his yogic powers. Babaji spent most of the 14 years of this manifestation at Haidakhan where he established a beautiful ashram and built nine temples on the bank of the River Gautami Ganga.

For centuries, the Haidakhan area and Kumaon Mount Kailash have been spiritually graced with the power of Lord Shiva’s tapasya (penance). The main temple at Haidakhan was constructed by Old Haidakhan Baba Himself. Babaji built several other temples and ashrams within India. Below Ranikhet, at a small village called Chilianaula, overlooking the snow-peaked Himalayas, he constructed a large and breathtakingly beautiful temple and ashram.
Thousands of disciples from various countries receive Babaji’s blessings. They are mystically inspired to come to the spiritual path through extraordinary events, dreams and visions. Many spiritual centres dedicated to Babaji have been established the world over.


(The Eternal Law of Nature, the basis of every religion) and to transform every human being, laying stress on three basic precepts of Dharma: TRUTH, SIMPLICITY and LOVE.

He predicted that mankind was in danger during the period of Kali Yuga (the Dark Age) due to a steep rise in materialism and decline in spiritual values. He also predicted widespread physical destruction, revolution and change in this century. Only those sincere in the worship of God, repeating his name and living in harmony, truth and love, would survive. “God’s name is more powerful than any atomic bomb,” He was often heard to say. He promised a new world, a new age, a new religious kingdom after the coming destruction. Shri Babaji as the eternal manifestation of Lord Shiva insisted on the constant repetition of the Maha Mantra “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” (I bow to Lord Shiva) to enable everyone to focus the mind on the Almighty and to become firmly centred in faith and devotion.
Shri Babaji departed his physical body on 14 February, 1984. He was a living embodiment of his teachings. Inscribed on a stone leading up the steps to the Haidakhan Temple is his promise: “I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU.” Babaji’s subtle presence goes on to guide and inspire devotees to spread his eternal teachings and OM NAMAH SHIVAYA far and wide, to every corner of the earth, bringing a spiritual message to man and inscribing the name of God in every heart touched by his Divinity.