Ayurveda Hospital

BHOLE BABA AYURVEDA HOSPITAL (BBAH) gives shape and form to Babaji’s vision of starting an Ayurveda University. BBAH, an ayurveda hospital & panchkarma facility was started at Chilliyanaula, Ranikhet, Almora and is located in the ashram campus. Divine & harmonious reverberations emanating from the temple and the ashram pervade BBAH and it is a most beautifully located with a serene clear view of the Himalayas. BBAH offers ayurveda & panchkarma facilities under the supervision of a trained ayurveda doctor. Devotees and patients converge from all over the world to benefit from the well trained team of panchkarma & massage therapists who offer treatments for chronic and modern ailments such as detox, stress management, obesity, arthritis, insomnia etc.

There are 10 panchkarma treatment rooms and 20 modestly furnished rooms to accommodate patients. There is an ayurveda canteen which provides holistic, well-balanced diet to all health-seekers.

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