Girl Child Project

A new project has been initiated by Dr. Vandana Lal under the auspices of the Haidakhandi Samaj to provide development assistance to girl children in the impoverished Kumaon & Garhwal regions of Uttarakhand. Babaji always advocated helping the villagers around Haidakhan & Chillianaula. The Indian government has introduced several free schooling, mid day meals & basic hygiene programs to help girl children in most states. The Samaj’s new “Baba Haidakhan Girl Child Project” aims to strengthen the endeavors of the state government. The project will first roll out in Uttarakhand and later with the grace of Babaji, shall spread to other parts of India - especially backward states like Bihar & Orissa.


  •  For Primary Education of girl children, pay annual school fees directly to the school.
  •   Supply school uniforms, text books & stationary items free of cost.
  •   Provide scholarships for higher studies for Secondary, Higher Secondary & College Education to deserving candidates securing minimum 60% marks.
  •   Employ teachers for Vocational training in schools. This will help in skill development like tailoring, knitting, gardening, computers etc.
  •  Provide financial help to families for a daughter’s marriage.
  •   Uplift the basic personal hygiene standards of the entire village. This will be achieved by working closely with Aanganwadi Workers, Auxiliary Health Workers & Village Pradhans.
  •   Help in vaccinating all newborns & infants. Provide vaccines of good quality free of cost.
  •   Provide toilets in all villages so that girls feel secure.
  •   Distribute free medicines for general well-being like Vitamins, Iron & Deworming tablets.
  •   Distribute water purification tablets like “Shuddhu” to ensure safety from water-borne diseases.
  •   Educate villagers regarding water conservation through rain water harvesting.

These are some of the functions which shall be undertaken for the development of girl children and their families. Dr. Vandana Lal will head the project. Mrs. Kirti Premchand & Mrs. Retu Chatterji have volunteered to help make this project a success. This will be an all-women committee and female devotees who would like to help are most welcome.

The project was flagged off by our Chairman Shri Alok Banerjee during the Chaitra Navaratras, 2016 at Haidakhan. Shri Uday Chatterji identified three girls – daughters of workers at the ashram. The fourth girl Vidya, has been identified from District Bageshwar. These girls were given Rs. 5000/- each.,


It costs approximately Rs. 5000/- or USD 75/- or Euro 70/- per child per year for the above objectives to be achieved. In case devotees would like to contribute to grow the scale of this project, click on the Donate button