About Babaji

About Babaji

To guide mankind to the path of “Dharma” is the divine objective of a spiritual Guru. From time immemorial Divine avatars appear on earth as a beacon of light to guide mankind through dark periods. Shri Babaji -a Divine spirit is deemed to be an Avatar of Lord Shiva who appears in different physical forms in different time zones (as told by Parmahansa Yogananda in his book “Autobiography of a Yogi”) for many centuries.

In recent times, Shri Babaji manifested first as Haidakhan Wale Baba (Old Haidakhan Baba also fondly called Kantopi Baba ) around 1800. He traveled extensively in the Kumaon region and gave divine guidance to his devotees and made many disciples. There are innumerable accounts of devotees about miraculous healings and reappearances of Babaji in several places at the same time. The visiting Tibetan lamas recognized him as The Lama Baba who lived in Tibet centuries ago. The spiritual movement started by Baba Haidakhan between the years 1860 - 1922 seems to hold the torch illuminating the path of the seekers. Divine Gurus like him help to find answers to the daunting questions pertinent to the play of Maya (worldly pursuits), spiritual inner discovery, and eliminating discontentment and disconnect so visible in our present society.

In 1970, Shri Babaji (Baba Haidakhan), also known as Bhole Baba- an incarnation of the Maha Avatar, manifested (not born of a woman) in a cave at the foothills of Kumaon Mount Kailash at Haidakhan as an 18-year-old. In September, the same year he ascended to the top of the Mount and sat there in meditation for 45 days without any food, water, or sleep. It is from this place Babaji gave his first teachings. The people came to realize that they were blessed to have the Divine soul amidst them.

Baba Haidakhan popularly addressed by his ardent devotees as Babaji or Bhole Baba (due to his playful and innocent countenance) contributed immensely towards elevating the thought process and steering the spiritual progress of all who came in touch with him. His message to humanity through his presence and preachings created a spiritual wave that drew in a mass following that showed their immense faith in the divine powers of Babaji. He guided his followers by emphasizing the importance of 'Karma Yoga', ie to work hard for the betterment of all around us and not shy away from worldly duties, and 'Jap Yoga' to receive a continuous flow of divine grace. He spoke about healing the ailing world by substituting inhumanity with humanity and being in harmony with the self and the surroundings.

Babaji built nine beautiful temples and an Ashram around the cave on the banks of Gautami Ganga river, from where he had emerged. This is known as Haidakhan Dham. The next main Ashram in India is below Ranikhet, in a small scenic hamlet called Chilianaula. Under his benevolent gaze, a large Ashram and a temple were built around the late seventies. Thousands of people from all over the world throng these Ashrams to receive his blessings even though he is no longer in his physical form. Many Centers and Ashrams have come up in his name across the world to carry out his vision of making this world a kinder place.

According to Babaji, all religions are incorporated the principles of Truth, Simplicity, and Love.  Elevation of mankind is possible by respecting basic principles of humanity and one of the objectives of Haidakhandi Samaj is extending the thought that religion alone cannot be responsible for guiding humanity to a higher path.  Restoration of Sanatan Dharma is yet another undertaking of Baba Haidakhan. Sanatan Dharma can be understood as a primordial religion reflecting natural laws established at the beginning of  Creation.

Shri Babaji stated that everything in this world is transient by sounding the word, 'Phuro' frequently, highlighting the true reality of proceeding on the path of truth, keeping the company of saintly people (Satsang), rendering services to less fortunate beings (sewa) and work towards their upliftment. Baba Haidakhan’s mantra of progress on the path of divinity is "Om Namah Shivay ", the most powerful vibration emanated at the time of Creation.