About Us

About Us

Shri Shri Babaji has been a divine presence on earth to redeem mankind from grief and karmic suffering. His Grace and guidance have helped many to advance their evolutionary process. Throughout the different eras, Babaji manifested his Divine self in different body forms to enlighten the people who sought him.

In 1970, Sri Babaji reappeared as Bhole Baba of Haidkhan in a remote cave at the foothills of Kumaon Mount Kailash. Appearing as a youth of about 18 years, he radiated a powerful aura that was extremely awe-inspiring. In September 1970, he climbed the top of Kumaon Mount Kailash and sat there in yogic mudra and meditated without moving from his seat for 45 days. People around the area watched him with deep awe as he continued his deep meditation and spoke occasionally. It is from this place that Shri Babaji started his teachings and laid the foundation stone of Haidakhan Samaj to spread the message of  TRUTH, SIMPLICITY, and LOVE..

Babaji taught his followers to lead their lives based on truth, simplicity, and love and eliminate all differences based on caste, creed, and religion, thus creating a more compassionate society. Babaji taught them the value of Karma Yoga- “Service to humanity is the first duty” and Japayoga- “God’s names are more powerful than a thousand atomic and hydrogen bombs”!

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