Ashwin Navratras starts

Ashwin Navratras starts
15 Oct, 2023
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Ashwin Navratras starts

Navratri is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated by Hindus. It’s a nine days festival dedicated to the following nine incarnations of Goddess Durga:

  • Shailputri (Daughter of mountain)
  • Brahmacharini (Mother of devotion and penance)
  • Chandraghanta (Destroyer of demons)
  • Kushmanda(Goddess of the cosmic egg)
  • Skandmata( Goddess of motherhood and children)
  • Katyayni(Goddess of Power)
  • Kalaratri (Goddess of auspiciousness and courage)
  • Mahagauri(Goddess of beauty and women)
  • Siddhidatri (Goddess of Sidhi)

Navratri is a celebration of triumph of good over evil. People worship the different avatar of Goddess Durga on each of the nine days. The followers abstain from alcohol, meat, onion etc. and the fast is broken on the tenth day.This Navratri falls under the lunar month Ashwin during Sharad Ritu (September or October). This festival is mainly celebrated with deep faith and great enthusiasm in the northern states of India, Gujarat and West Bengal.

At Haidakhan it holds special significance as Baba Haidakhan considered the Parashakti or - the eight handed Durgambika, the Mother Divine of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

The devotees from across the world throng at the Haidakhan as various events are held on these nine days, be it Bhajan-sandhyas, Havans, talks on Geeta and importance of various Hindu rituals.

These nine days are considered very auspicious. People come to celebrate personal events like mundan, baby showers, solemnizing marriages etc.

Apart from Ashwin Navratri the Haidakhandi Samaj also celebrates Chaitra Navratri which falls on first day of the Hindu new year ( March or April). The ninth day is significant as Lord Rama was born on this day and this day is also known as Ramnavmi.