Guru Poornima

Guru Poornima
03 Jul, 2023
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Guru Poornima

Guru Poornima is a Hindu festival that is celebrated in honor of spiritual teachers, or gurus. It is observed on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashadh (July), and is considered a time to show gratitude and respect to one's spiritual guides.

In the Haidakhan Samaj, Guru Poornima is celebrated with great devotion and reverence. Devotees gather at the Haidakhan temple to offer prayers and perform puja (worship) to their gurus, who they believe have played a significant role in their spiritual growth and development. The festival is marked by rituals such as reciting prayers and hymns, lighting incense and lamps, and offering flowers and fruits as offerings to the gurus.

Guru Poornima is considered a time of renewal and reflection, and is a time for devotees to reflect on the teachings of their gurus and how they can apply them in their lives. It is a time to cultivate spiritual growth and deepen one's connection with the divine. Guru Poornima is a deeply spiritual and meaningful festival for the Haidakhan Samaj community. It is a time for devotees to come together in gratitude and reverence for their spiritual guides and to honor their teachings. Through their celebrations, devotees seek to deepen their spiritual connection and to cultivate growth and development on their spiritual journey.