What Our Congregation Say

Lalita Kuwarbi

Me and my family is blessed with babaji's blessings, my son's eyes were recovered because of babaji's miracle.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Yadav

I was suffering from Covid-19, doctors said I’ll not survive then i started praying to Babaji and the miracle happened. Gradually i come back to normal life, and that's all because of Babaji’s blessings.

Sondra Ray

Babaji saved my life many times, he gave me the perfect mate for my marriage, really i'm blessed with babaji's leela.

Rakhi Mukherjee

Babaji has always been there for me during any time i have called him even when he is not there he has answered my prayers, babaji has always blessed me and my husband.

Dr. Vandana Lal

Babaji became like a fatherly figure and ultimately the God, the power the Shiva that he was and many years later when in depth i could understand what babaji meant by Truth, Simplicity and Love.

Vinod Mehta

I believe having faith in babaji's blessings is the solution to all the problems, me and my family is totally blessed.


Babaji's grace and blessings helped me many times to fight in difficult times.

Poonam Mathur

Babaji has always unique ways of guiding and blessing his devotees which make us believe miracles do happen in real life.

Uma Pandey

We receive babaji's blessings even before we open our eyes in the morning, babaji's infinite blessings are with us.